Enrich your vacation, come and check out annual festivals that celebrate Utah’s cultural diversity, as Utahns host great events throughout the year, such as the Sundance Film Festival, the Tony Award-winning Shakespeare Festival. Labeled as the Silicon Slopes, the city is home to booming businesses, and downtown Salt Lake has been brought to life by a top-shelf performing arts scene, craft beer, and the surprising-to-most fact that it has one of the highest LGBTQ populations. Nestled on the Rocky Mountains, Salt Lake is home to an exciting future and to the Ute Indians who called the valley the ‘low place in high mountains’, with a history as rich as its vistas and beautiful lake-enhanced sunsets.



Festival Passes give you access to a great experience, but you can also register for eWaitlist and check in a couple of hours before a screening of your choice, but be prepared with cash. Hosted in Park City, it is one of the largest film festivals, with additional locations in Ogden and great access to some of the best skiing, so it makes sense to pair the promising films with Utah experiences and expand your trip. There are two mountain resorts (Park City Mountain and Deer Valley), as well as diverse shopping options in the area, but if you travel to other film venues, consider Robert Redford’s getaway, as well as Salt Lake City, a gateway to multiple ski resorts perfect for your ski trip.

Hear you, bring your inner art critic, camping chairs, cracker spreads and outdoor concert appreciation, as Utah has festival fever, so pick your destination with all your favorite things from our favorites starting in May and ending in September. In the meantime, Salt Lake has grown, in addition to being home to the Winter Olympics, as the nearby mountains are known to be home of large storms which roll in over the Great Salt Lake, creating light powder snow. If you travel alone, it is known that a charming girl can be easily found by browsing for agencies, as it is a real pleasure if you plan a solo trip to live unforgettable moments. What we recommend, beside photos, is a Utah escort during your stay, to show you the city, so make sure you keep this in mind. If you don’t know many people, these days it is common to have a dinner with a beautiful escort, as they are used to accompany their clients who are on a trip and wish to make the most of their time in Salt Lake.



Beginning in 2019 they are venturing into the world of podcasting, bringing you folkloric stories to entertain you at your leisure, so you can tune in when it’s convenient and listen to at another time by downloading it onto your mobile device, wherever you like. At Merlin Olson Central Park there will be smorgasbord of yarn spinners’ dinner and more. We are avid supporters of the storytelling and its programs.