1. International Unicycling Federation

You can learn about unicycling, participate in the committees, or hit the upcoming Unicon.


  1. Atlanta Jugglers Association

You can come to learn and show off your new tricks at La Fonda on Ponce de Leon or Savage Pizza on Thursdays, usually at 21:00. It is the oldest association with twice-weekly meetings.


  1. The Twin Cities Unicycle Club

They have taken national titles in artistic freestyle and unicycle racing, holding over 30 titles and fifteen championship titles. Practices include activities such as learning, riding, hockey, juggling and, and riders master skill after skill, while improving physical fitness and balance with the help of their encouragement to new riders.


  1. Cardiff Unicycle Hockey

You need to bring your adventurous spirit along and push your way to success if you want to play Unicycle Hockey. Bring your creativity as well, and your sense of fair play along with your ability and play Unicycle Hockey within a relaxed community willing to have fun on the great vehicle that is the unicycle!

  1. Aylesbury QPC

Located in Queens Park, Buckinghamshire, this centre is not specifically a club, as only a few Unicycle, but anybody is welcome to join the like minded people.


  1. New Zealand Unicycle Team

Their unicyclists performed well, winning silver and Looi was leading for most of the race, before a puncture saw him drop to second place, salvaging a podium spot, while the other team members, achieved age group placing in the road races. Sam La Hood won in the women’s street competition, but finished fourth in racing an obstacle course with tricks in a flatland, which is a style battle demonstrating trick combinations.


  1. The Berkeley Unicycling Festival

As you may have heard, the variety show will maintain its, as well as a larger gym for daily unicycling and fun, though undoubtedly an inconvenience for those who didn’t want to keep the gym open until Friday. Pass along the joy and if you’re lucky enough to find somebody to teach you, you couldn’t find a better place to join and kick it all off. Located on 1980 Allston Way, the Berkeley Unicycling Festival is the most exciting yet, taking place at a new venue, with a show full of talent, whatever your game, whether you’re just throwing that thrilling first beanbag, learning to pass 8-club three count, or tottering along a wall on your unicycle. They encourage carpooling if possible, as Berkeley has a Farmer’s Market across the street with a public plaza for those who want to sample the Bay Area.


  1. The New York Club

The regular meetings are from 1:00pm, but people go at all different times, so if you have questions on the club or the internet content, feel free to contact them. Their members include people of all skill levels, so we encourage you to come to a meeting try one of the unicycles in the park, twice a month, and you can easily figure out when they meet if you check out their calendar for unicycle events.