Moab Munifest

There won’t be an official Moab Munifest in 2016. It’s sad but true! For more information, check out our blog here.

The 2014 Moab Mountain Unicycling Festival was a blast! To see how much fun we had, check out the official photography site HERE!

For more up-to-date info on the community reaction to the event, check out our Facebook page (includes more photos) and the forums.

2005 Moab Munifest Photo: Michael Hurst

2005 Moab Munifest Photo: Michael Hurst

The original Munifest founder and organizer, Rolf Thompson, wanted to spend more time riding with family and friends. The last Moab Munifest was held in 2009, and Rolf has since agreed to “pass the torch.” The event is back, and better than ever.

What is it? The Moab Munifest is the most fun you can have on a unicycle. Hosted at the intersection of the world’s best trails and scenery, Moab is the perfect place for a festival of unicycle riding, food, and fun in southern Utah’s playground. In other words, it’s a party and a chance for riders of all skills levels from around the world to come together to have a great time unicycling!

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